My Morning Kicks of Positivity

During this period of isolation and social distancing, I have created a routine. I wake up at 7 am, do all the necessary morning rituals, make breakfast, make my tea, meditate, go to the toilet, and off I go to work. Today I did the same. I cooked myself some eggs, made myself green tea with lemon and honey, meditated for 20 minutes, got outside, unlocked my bicycle, and the day was set. My first kick of positivity. In the morning I use my bicycle for transportation and in the evening I use it for relaxation. Two times a bicycle a day keeps the doctor away, I always want to say. 🙂 I know, cheesy right! Anyway, today was a wonderful day.

I have about 40 to 45 minutes of cycling to get work. While cycling, I had to pass the church, then ride up the street and up the park. While in the park, I usually see people doing their morning regimes. Jogging, walking their dogs, or just strolling with coffee and getting some fresh air. The sun was exceptionally bright today. I felt so wonderful, I had to sit down on the old wooden bench for 5 minutes and enjoy the scenery. There is something particularly wonderful in the combination of green grass, tall trees, small ponds, and relaxed people walking. My second kick of positivity. 

I finished with my small break, hopped on my bicycle, and rolled down the park. I rode by the supermarket, the big football stadium, and down the long street to my favorite bar Albatros. The bar is situated in an old white house, with a small yard in the front and a bigger one in the back. When I enter this house, the first thing I notice is the moldy but wonderful smell. It’s a delicate balance of a pungent smell that mixes with the fresh morning breeze and the smell of coffee. The bar looks like an English pub where they only serve beer from the inside, but no, they also serve my favorite latte. My third kick of positivity. The coffee gets me in a state of awareness about my daily working obligations.    

Once I get to work I park my bicycle in the small corridor, enter the office, and the day takes on a different, more focused path. The office is long and bright. Because of the many computers and books, it actually resembles a small library. The air in the office is clean and fresh. Apparently, it takes around 30 minutes for the air to be purified according to Clean Breathing. Because of the isolation period, some of my colleges decided to work from home, but I much rather prefer this space. I sit down in front of my desktop and since I love my job, then and there I get my fourth-morning kick of positivity.